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Dyna set

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The DYNA SET TM Masonry Anchor/ Dyna Set is a steel ferrule threaded internally at the top with cross cut expansion slots across the lower half of the anchor. A solid steel tapered expander plug is fitted within the anchor body.The development of the DYNASETTM coincided with the newer and much improved methods of drilling masonry, the forerunner to DYNASETTM being the Bulldog anchor which operated in a similar fashion. DYNASETTM anchors have gained great acceptance over the last decade for a number of reasons with the most significant being, that both Ramset and our competitors promoted them very extensively to the trades as a total fastening system. Contractors were buying new and sophisticated electro-pneumatic rotary hammer drills that could drill holes into the hardest of masonry in a matter of seconds. The drop in type of anchor was ideally suited to complement the new drills, being simple to install and expand into masonry. This combined with our sales people doing an excellent job of promotion, trades such as the fire sprinkler installations, the electricians and plumbing contractors were quick to recognise the advantages of this low cost, single component anchor.DYNASETTM Anchors are used extensively for suspension systems using threaded dropper rods. To prevent the rods from unwinding, a lock nut nipped up against the anchor is recommended. Once installed, the DYNASETTM gives a small diameter hole, neat to the surface with a positive 360 degree peripheral contact grip within the hole. Bolts can be removed and re-used at will. TARGET APPLICATIONS * Cable Trays * Fire Sprinkler Pipe Work * Air conditioning Duct work * Ventilation Ducts * Hot/ Cold Water Pipes INSTALLATION 1. Drill the correct dimension hole into the masonry. The adjustable depth gauge rod on the DynaDrillTM will assist in drilling to the correct depth. In the majority of applications anchors are set to finish flush with the work surface. 2. Clean out the hole of all masonry dust and chippings. Drop-in a DYNASETTM anchor and press or tap fully home into the hole. 3. To fully expand the anchor you will need the appropriate hand setting punch. 4. Place the special hand setting punch into the DYNASETTM, letting it rest on the expander plug within. 5. Strike the hand setting punch with sharp heavy blows from a small club or mash hammer, until the expander plug has been driven down fully within the anchor.