ANGKUR HILTI/ Hilti Anchoring Systems

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Jln. raya tarumajaya perumahan villa mahkota indah II blok c7 no.24 bekasi, Bekasi (Harapan Indah)
Indonesia 17213

Bekasi (Harapan Indah)
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Detail ANGKUR HILTI/ Hilti Anchoring Systems

Spesialis menjual produk beraneka macam fastener & baut
( Ramset/ Hilti/ Mason) .

MECHANICAL ANCHORING SYSTEMS: Dynabolt Sleeve Anchor, Trubolt Stud Anchor, Spatec Triga Z, Dynaset Drop-In Anchor, Ramlox Shield Anchor.

CHEMICAL ANCHORING SYSTEMS: Chemset Maxima, Chemset Injection Acrylic A7, Chemset Injection Epoxy C6.

LIGHTWEIGHT ANCHORS: Nylon Anchor, Easydrive Anchor, Hollow Wall Anchor, Shure Drive, Ramtoggle.

FASTENING SYSTEM TOOLS: Powder Actuated Tool, Trakmaster.

Formwork materials ( form-tie, P-Cone, Inner-unit, Rib-washer,
Water-stop ring for separator, Slab-joiner, Form-tie-spanner,
P-Cone spanner, Metal-form, U-clip for metal-form,
P-Cone for Metal-form, Slab-leveling, Plastic Corner Chamfer, Profile) .
Scaffolding, Shoring supports, Safety Netting,
Stud-welding on deck-plate ( job, Material supply and lease) .
High-tensile ( F10T) Hex, Bolt & T.C. Bolt.
Special Chemical Capsule for starter-bar ( rebar-setting) .
Water-stop membrane, Seal and Ring for separator
Rebar-Joint system ( special-welding system) .
Anchor Bolts, Non-shrink mortar and Epoxy ( material & job) .
Core-drilling ( by Diamond Drilling Machine) .
Wall-tie for scaffoldings ( Scaffold keeper) .
Pre-casting Steel Inserts for Wall-tie
Safety Chain, Turnbuckle,
Universal Pipe clamps, Catch / Beam Clamp & Pipe combination clamps.